Friday, May 27, 2016

Welcome to my brand-spanking new blog. I've been putting it off for sooooo long, because I really, really love to write and once I get started, I might just get sucked in!!! On the other hand, I have so many other things I'm involved in, I might not update it often enough and that will be just as bad! So, what to do. 

I am just going to put a, hopefully, brief outline of some of the things you might find on my blog in the days, weeks, months, etc., to come:
  1. Upcycling
    1. Clothing 
      1. Thrift-shopping
        1. How?
        2. When?
        3. Why?
        4. Where?
        5. What?
    2. Household Items
      1. Decor
      2. Furniture
      3. Building Elements
    1. Vehicles (just kidding, but, maybe not!)
    2. Tutorials of some/most/all of the above! *This IS exciting! 

  1. Prepping
    1. TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) - not to be confused with "The End of The World!" The world can continue on after some really bad things have happened, it just won't be the SAME WORLD!
      1. ZOMBIES?
      2. EMP?
      3. OTHER?
  2. Gardening for non-gardeners
    1. Really part of prepping, but can be stand-alone?
    2. I live in the south, my gardening will be for the south, sorry
    3. Identification of "weeds" that are actually "food" and/or medicine!
    4. Is it too late? Are there too many glyphosates already? Is the water cycle already ruined? Does it matter if I use heirloom seeds and natural fertilizer? Should this be under Prepping? LOL
  3. Sewing
    1. Vintage, non-electric sewing machines (see 1.1 and 2)
    2. Hand-stitching (see 1.1 and 2)
    3. Vintage, electric sewing machines
    4. Newer, electric sewing machines
    5. Really amazing embroidery/sewing machines and sergers!
      1. Why is my thread breaking, tangling, skipping stitches?
      2. Why did Hancock Fabrics have to close! ;-(
    6. On Being A Veteran
      1. On Being a Female Veteran
        1. On Being A Disabled Female Veteran
      2. Why Did I Join the Air Force???
    7. Computers
      1. Do you really, really need one? 
        1. (Yes, you do!)
        2. What kind?
          1. How to fix it
    1. Politics
      1. Nope
    2. Finances
      1. Nope
    3. Religion
      1. Nope
    4. Spiritually
      1. Maybe
      1. ?


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