Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Making reusable facemasks

Sew and sew. Here in southern Alabama,  there is an alarming  lack of PPE or Personal Protective  Equipment, including disposable  facemasks for healthcare, first responder, and other workers.
So, I  asked for volunteers to help me sew reusable facemasks to donate to those who need them. We are so grateful for the people who are on the "front lines" of this pandemic,  putting themselves in harm's way, while many of us have to stay home, that we feel the least we can do is volunteer our time and materials making these protective facemasks, which could help prevent the spread of illness. I have made a detailed tutorial with pictures available, free, to anyone who wants to use it for non-profit purposes only. You may access the tutorial by clicking here 》 How to make a reusable facemask

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